Ruchi Pandya


Ruchi is an Investor at Bling Capital, where she focuses on consumer, SaaS, data product, marketplaces, and healthtech deals.

At Adobe, she led the Data Science/Enterprise ML team for Adobe Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe's flagship analytics platforms. She and her team built database, personalization, and financial monitoring products to help the Analytics business grow and developed patent-pending ML infrastructure for the future of personalized marketing ops.

Ruchi is an ex-founder and YC Alumnus, where she co-founded a database performance management platform, Perfalytics. Earlier in her career, she spent time at NASA Ames, developing printable cardiac biosensors and at Northrop Grumman, developing software for orbiting satellite payload deployments.

Ruchi holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Business, Economics, and Management (BEM) from Caltech. In her free time, she is a hobbyist figure skater and an open mic enthusiast.