Ankur Pansari


Ankur is the Founder and General Partner of Divide by Zero and Principal at Bling Capital.

He’s an angel investor in over forty companies with two becoming unicorns. His portfolio includes Carta, Philz Coffee, Wealthfront, Periscope Data (acquired), Lever, Memsql, Pillow (acquired), and dozens more.

During his career, Ankur has founded numerous companies: An angel investment fund. A real estate business with properties featured on national television (and more in development). Artillery, an unsuccessful gaming platform where he raised over $11m and sold part of the company to a top 5 Internet company. An importing company called Favo that he sold in 2010. A social networking company in 2003 that got obliterated by Facebook. There’s probably some more also.

Earlier in his career, Ankur spent four years at Facebook working on partnerships where he preloaded Facebook on 100m devices. Before that, Ankur worked at Google on Google Toolbar where as an engineer, his team distributed 900m Toolbars and won Google’s OC Award, its second highest honor.

Ankur has a BS in Applied Math, a BS in Optical Engineering, and a minor in Physics from the University of Rochester. At the time, Stanford did not give him financial aid. However, they did not give him admission either.