Ben Ling

General Partner

Ben is the Founder and General Partner of Bling Capital. He has backed 19 "unicorn" billion dollar companies, with the best yet to come.

Previously, Ben was a General Partner at Khosla Ventures, where he focused on consumer, Internet, mobile, marketplace, SaaS and consumer health businesses. There, he led investments in Wattpad, Tapingo, Gitlab, True Accord, Webflow, among many others.

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Kyle Lui

General Partner

Kyle is a General Partner at Bling Capital. He has backed 7 “unicorn” companies across SaaS, consumer internet, digital health, and fintech.

Previously, Kyle was a Partner at DCM where led early stage US investments including DocSend (acq. by Dropbox), TravelBank (acq. by US Bank), Wrike (acq. by Citrix), Hims & Hers (NYSE: HIMS), Shift (Nasdaq: SFT) and Tapingo (acq. by GrubHub). He also served as a board member or observer of SoFi (Nasdaq: SOFI), Matterport (Nasdaq: MTTR), BitTorrent (acq. by Tron),, Fountain, Eaze and Tempo. Given the global focus of DCM, Kyle has extensive experience partnering with startups in Asia. He is also an angel investor in Elemy, All Day Kitchens, Blank Street and Atom Computing.

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Eric Theis


Eric is a Principal at Bling Capital, where he focuses on opportunities in SaaS, data products, marketplaces, and automation.

Previously, Eric was a senior software engineer at Flexport where he built marketplace, finance, and payments products which grew to support multiple billions of dollars in transactions. Prior to that, he built software at Barefoot Networks (acq: Intel) for the 6.5 Tb/s and 12.8 Tb/s generations of reprogrammable switches for software-defined networking.

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Charlie Pinto

Operating Partner

Charlie is an Operating Partner at Bling Capital and former YC alumnus. As an angel, he has backed a handful of unicorn companies.

Charlie is focused on SaaS, enterprise, marketplace, and consumer health deals.

At Bling Capital, Charlie works closely with all of our portfolio companies and is also a member of the investment team focusing on SaaS, Enterprise, Consumer, Defense Tech, and Frontier Tech. Charlie is responsible for onboarding portfolio companies into our playbooks, managing our founder and venture capital community, and running our Series A program. He also serves as Board Observer of Hermeus, Somewear Labs, and NuBrakes.

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Ankur Pansari


Ankur is the Founder and General Partner of Divide by Zero and Principal at Bling Capital.

He’s an angel investor in over forty companies with two becoming unicorns. His portfolio includes Carta, Philz Coffee, Wealthfront, Periscope Data (acquired), Lever, Memsql, Pillow (acquired), and dozens more.

During his career, Ankur has founded numerous companies: An angel investment fund. A real estate business with properties featured on national television (and more in development). Artillery, an unsuccessful gaming platform where he raised over $11m and sold part of the company to a top 5 Internet company. An importing company called Favo that he sold in 2010. A social networking company in 2003 that got obliterated by Facebook. There’s probably some more also.

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