Sectors of focus

Consumer Tech

Bling Capital specializes in consumer businesses, ranging from direct to consumer subscription commerce to consumer social platforms to consumer tools.

Internet & Mobile

Is your business' primary distribution Internet and Mobile? Bling Capital can help you with building product and scaling distribution.


Aggregating disaggregated supply and demand is a core focus at Bling Capital, with example investments in Udemy, DogVacay and many others.


Does your company have a data advantage that accrues over time, leveraged in a way that increases the value proposition to end users over time? If so, the company is a perfect fit for Bling Capital.


Are you re-thinking the financial stack for consumers, businesses and other players in the financial marketplace? Bling has invested in many companies here, including Square, Plastiq and FutureAdvisor.


If you are building a company focused in SaaS to consumers or businesses or others, you are a perfect fit for Bling Capital. Example portfolio companies include PagerDuty, Periscope Data, Lucid Chart.


Automating industries using antiquated technology, ranging from real estate to construction to databases? Bling Capital is focused on this area, having led investments in Airtable, Mighty Buildings, VTS.


Do you have a world-changing technology company that doesn't neatly fit into the buckets above? No problem, Bling Capital backs frontier technologies.

Are you a

seed stage company?

Looking for ~$1M in seed funding, and a team of experienced operators to help you find product market fit?

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