Charlie Pinto


Charlie is a Principal at Bling Capital and a Y Combinator alumnus. Charlie is also a Program Manager at Google and an angel investor.

Charlie is focused on SaaS, enterprise, marketplace, and consumer health deals.

At Google, Charlie led operations for Google Domains, scaling product market fit, and also leads a group inside the CIO organization that builds and procures Enterprise technologies.

Previously, Charlie was the co-founder and CEO of SlidePay. SlidePay was backed by Y Combinator, Initialized Capital, and DCVC. SlidePay was acqui-hired by Rocket Lawyer in 2014. At Rocket Lawyer, Charlie was Director of Product Management and Director of Business Development, where he led the company into a partnership with Stripe to launch Stripe Atlas.

Charlie holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Logistics, Transportation, and Supply Chain from the University of Maryland. At UMD, Charlie was an NCAA Division I athlete. He was a 3x team captain, leading the team from 87th to top-15 in four years. He was also an Atlantic Coast Conference Champion and was ranked as high as 7th in the country in his weight class.

In his spare time, Charlie recently became a Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championship Finalist.