Bling Capital Fund III

The best is yet to come!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $212M for Bling Capital Fund III which includes a $109M core Seed Fund to back product-driven founders at the earliest stages and a $103M Opportunity Fund to support breakout companies as they scale.

As a firm, our mission is to partner with the highest potential founders in finding, defining and scaling product market fit then support them through the long haul. We are grateful to our existing and new limited partners who continue to believe in our ability to partner with ambitious, often young, founders building generational startups in a diversity of industries.

Since launching Bling Capital in 2018, we’ve backed 100 companies at the seed stage which have collectively raised over $1.5B with a total aggregate market value in excess of $7B. We consider ourselves lucky and honored to count companies like Elemy, Veho, Capchase, Hermeus, Vise, and Merlin Labs in the Bling Capital portfolio. We are also honored to have been featured by TechCrunch as “The VCs that Founders Love the Most” as well as on the 2022 Forbes Inaugural Seed Midas List.

We will continue to focus on backing founders at the earliest stages and partnering with them on building unique products and finding product market fit. To that end, we are thrilled to be adding dozens of product council members with this fund including product or engineering leaders at companies such as Calm, Dropbox, Teladoc Livongo and Tesla.

To support founders at the earliest stages, we’re also thrilled to announce the Bling Capital Fellowship program. A bespoke program for high potential founders just starting their companies to get up to $500k investment and mentorship from the Bling Capital network to iterate quickly. This will include meetings with product council members, access to the Bling Capital founder community & resources, and supplemental engineering, product and design resources for founders to launch their product.

While our fund size has increased, our mission remains the same. We will continue to be lead investors at the pre-seed and seed-stage with a bias towards high potential founders who are product driven, hungry and ambitious. While we’ve invested across a number of industries, our focus will continue to be on large markets such B2B software, consumer tech & consumer marketplaces, digital health, financial technology & infrastructure, and future of work.

With Bling Capital Fund III, we’ve brought on a long time friend of the firm and seasoned venture investor, Kyle Lui as the second GP as well as expanded our investment team with engineering, data science and product design backgrounds from Flexport, Adobe and Stripe.

To our portfolio company founders and employees, product council members and LPs, it is a privilege to partner together. Thank you.

Ben, Kyle & the Bling Capital team